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Please Note:  We do not do mail order or ship plants retail.  Retail sales are only here at the nursery.

Our catalog, arranged by botanical names, contains descriptions and cultural information about each of the 1600+ varieties that we grow. This information is based on our experience in growing these plants (in Zone 7), as well as the experiences of our customers. Sandy personally trials many of our selections in her display gardens. When we add a new variety, we provide the best information that we can find on that plant at the time. In addition to individual entries we also provide quick reference lists of plants for particular conditions or purposes, such as clay soil, long bloomtime, groundcovers, coastal sites, deer resistance, etc. Because we grow a large number of Hosta, ferns, and daylilies we have quick reference charts to help you choose the size, color or other characteristics of these plants.  You can access these lists and charts by clicking on the Plant Solutions tab above.

We produce a yearly print catalog that is available by mail. (If you are a currently active wholesale customer, you will automatically receive one when they are published.) Although the print catalog does not contain photos, it is a valuable reference for anyone growing perennial plants in this area. The catalog is $4.00 if purchased at the nursery. We will be happy to mail a copy for $6.00 (includes postage), select Contact Us and request a catalog.

Although we do not sell online, our catalog below will allow you to create a Shopping List of the plants you are interested in purchasing.  You will be able to print this list to take with you to your local garden center or to our nursery.

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Tricyrtis hirta x formosana 'Sinonome'
Common Name: Toadlily

Clusters of beautiful, upward-facing white flowers with burgundy purple speckling appear in the upper leaf axils and at the stem ends. Tall stems of shiny green leaves form a nice vase shaped plant. Noted for its heat, humidity and drought tolerance. Great plant for the woodland garden. Long blooming.

Trifolium repens 'Atropurpureum'
Common Name: Black-Leaved Clover

Four leaf clover foliage with green leaflets that have deep purple maroon centers. Small white clover-like flowers in summer. A stem-rooting groundcover, it can be very invasive. May be evergreen in southern parts of range. Moderate foot traffic. Space on 8" centers.

Trillium cuneatum
Common Name: Wake Robin

Attractive, silver mottled, blue-green, tri-lobed leaves set off maroon-red, three petaled flowers with three part green sepals. Naturalizes well in moist, well-drained soils in light shade under deep rooted trees and shrubs. Rhizomatous. Summer dormant. Native.

Trillium erectum
Common Name: Wake Robin

A rare wildflower with deep red to maroon, three-petaled blooms that appear in early April to May above the green foliage. It is normally found in rich, deciduous woodlands of the east coast and prefers shade. Rhizomatous. Summer dormant.

Trillium grandiflorum
Common Name: Wake Robin

Very showy, 3 pointed, star-shaped white flowers age to pink. Naturalizes well in moist, well-drained soils in light shade under deep rooted trees and shrubs. Drought tolerant once established. Rhizomatous. Summer dormant. A favorite native woodland wildflower.

Trillium luteum
Common Name: Wake Robin

Yellow, lemon-scented three petaled flowers are held above mottled green leaves. Naturalizes well in moist, well-drained soils in light shade under deep rooted trees and shrubs. Rhizomatous. Summer dormant. Lovely native woodland wildflower.

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