Ferns are classic favorites for shade and woodland areas.  Most are deer resistant and some will grow in sun if they receive ample moisture. We have a wide variety of ferns, both native and otherwise, many of which are evergreen or semi-evergreen. Most ferns prefer moist soil, but there are several that are drought tolerant once established.  Ferns are best planted in fall or in spring after they have broken dormancy.  Old fronds may be removed in early spring before the new growth appears.

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Botanical Name     Common Name
Deparia pycnosora
Common Name: Big Brother - Tapering Glade Fern

Large, yellow-green dissected fronds are bold and showy. Similar to hayscented fern, but taller and sturdier. Makes a nice groundcover in moist soils where it has room to spread. May be aggressive. Deciduous. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris celsa
Common Name: Log Fern

This erect native fern naturally occurs on decaying logs and in rich soils in wet woods. Green pinnate, oblong foliage is bold and showy, especially when massed. Semi-evergreen. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris championii 'Champion's Wood'
Common Name: Champion's Wood Fern

Evergreen, arching fronds on short creeping rhizomes. The shiny dark green fronds are leathery and hold their color well, remaining erect throughout the winter. New fronds are a pretty apple green.

Dryopteris cycadina
Common Name: Shaggy Shield Fern

Erect, dense leathery fronds of medium to dark green are heavily textured.  Semi-evergreen to evergreen. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance'
Common Name: Brilliance Autumn Fern

A more "brilliant" form of Autumn Fern. This variety's young fronds emerge a wonderful lustrous orange color and the mature green fronds maintain some of their orange coloration and shine. Deer resistant. Evergreen. A Beautiful Garden variety, this one is a favorite of landscapers and gardeners alike for its easy culture and ability to stay pretty throughout most of the winter. Will gradually spread via spores.

Dryopteris filix-mas
Common Name: Male Fern

Outstanding plants have upright, elegantly arching, broad, lance-shaped medium-green fronds. Semi-evergreen. Native. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris goldiana
Common Name: Goldie's Giant Wood Fern

Short creeping rhizomes form large stands of broad arching fronds. The tallest native wood fern. Deciduous. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris intermedia
Common Name: Fancy Fern

Fronds are oval to narrowly triangular and deeply dissected. A favorite Eastern American native that is a strong grower in moist, semi-shaded areas, forming an attractive crown. Good for cutting. Evergreen.

Dryopteris marginalis
Common Name: Leatherwood Fern, Marginal Fern, Eastern Wood Fern

Also known as Eastern Wood Fern, this fern has attractive, dusty blue-green fronds.  It grows well in partial shade, eventually forming a large clump. Evergreen. Native.

Dryopteris pseudo-filix-mas
Common Name: Mexican Male Fern

Slightly arching, rich green fronds are produced continually throughout the season, giving it a "fresh" look. It has a distinctly upright, vase-shaped habit. Large and showy! Evergreen. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris pulcherrima
Common Name: Beautiful Wood Fern

Broad, evergreen fronds form upright clumps of medium green. Although native to high elevations in Tibet and China, it is a very heat tolerant variety that flourishes in hot southern summers.

Dryopteris remota
Common Name: Remote Wood Fern

This strong grower has impressive-looking overlapping fronds that arise directly from its spreading rhizomes to form erect crowns. The fronds are finely cut and the stems are shaggy with golden scales. Very strong grower. Semi-evergreen.

Dryopteris tokyoensis
Common Name: Tokyo Wood Fern

This hardy fern has an erect, vase-shaped habit with wide fronds up to 6" across. Resembles the more common Christmas fern. A somewhat slow but strong grower, it is easily established. Deciduous. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris x australis
Common Name: Dixie Wood Fern

Wonderful, coarse, upright fern with dark green fronds. Excellent and highly recommended, this is a naturally occurring hybrid of two natives. Evergreen. Deer resistant.

Dryopteris x complexa 'Robusta'
Common Name: Robust Male Fern

Strong clumps of dark-green fronds arch gracefully to form a great specimen. It also works well with other plants such as hostas. Semi-evergreen, trim old fronds in spring.