Perennial plants are our specialty.  Living over from season to season, perennial plants can be a gardener's best friend.  We are proud to offer an extensive collection of perennials that includes many rare and unusual varieties as well as the traditional favorites.  We hope you enjoy browsing through our catalog!

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Polemonium yezoense 'Purple Rain Strain'
Common Name: Jacob's Ladder

Clusters of large purple-blue 1" flowers are borne on dark stems over foliage that is reddish purple from winter until early summer. Reblooms if deadheaded.

Polygonatum biflorum var. Commutatum
Common Name: Great Solomon's Seal

Upright, arching graceful stems of deep green, narrow leaves provide a lovely architectural form in the garden. In early summer, pairs of elongate white bell flowers dangle from each node. These are followed by blue-black berries in fall.

Polygonatum humile
Common Name: Solomon's Seal

Dwarf plants have numerous upright stems of glossy green leaves. White, bell-shaped, green tipped flowers hang from the leaf axils in early summer.

Polygonatum odoratum 'Ruby Slippers'
Common Name: Solomon's Seal

Bright red, upright, slightly arching stems hold dark green leaves with silvery undersides. Pairs of elongate, white bells, dangle from the leaf axils in late spring. Blue berries in fall. A colony former that will spread over time.

Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum'
Common Name: Solomon's Seal

Variegated leaves with creamy-white edges are borne on stems tinged with maroon. White bell-shaped flowers dangle from the leaf axils in late spring and early summer. Lovely golden fall color.

Polygonum aubertii 'Lemon Lace'
Common Name: Silver Lace Vine

Sparkling golden-leaved sport of P. aubertii that also displays red stems and fragrant, foamy white flowers. Vigorous vines spread via rhizomes and can spread almost indefinitely, but slower growing than the species. Deer resistant.

Polystichum acrostichoides
Common Name: Christmas Fern

This native evergreen has deep green, leathery lance-shaped leaflets on narrow fronds.

Polystichum polyblepharum
Common Name: Tassel Fern

Striking fern that forms rounded rosettes of coarse textured glossy, dark green fronds. Has strong presence in the garden - distinctive.

Polystichum tsus-simense
Common Name: Korean Rock Fern

Compact, stiff, leathery dark green fronds with darker stems. Grows in a neat rosette, very pretty!

Polystichum x dycei 'Dyce's Hybrid Holly'
Common Name: Dyce's Holly Fern

Bold arching fronds with divided pinnae emerge soft green from a central crown and mature to a waxy glossy, symmetrical clump. Multiplies from small bulbils formed at the frond tips in late summer. Evergreen.

Porteranthus (Gillenia) trifoliatus
Common Name: Bowman's Root / Indian Physic

Airy white blooms on wiry, red stems create a haze above the lustrous dark green foliage in summer. Native.

Porteranthus (Gillenia) trifoliatus 'Pink Profusion'
Common Name: Bowman's Root / Indian Physic

Clear pink, starry flowers on reddish stems dance above reddish foliage on deep red stems. This pink version of a woodland favorite was introduced by Mt. Cuba Center. Foliage may turn bronze in fall. Native. Tolerates tree root competition if provided a thick layer of organic mulch. Plant in masses for best effect. Native.

Potentilla nepalensis 'Shogran'
Common Name: Nepal Cinquefoil

Herbaceous plant with strawberry-like leaves. Wide open cup-shaped blooms are bright pink with contrasting raspberry eye. A clumping, dwarf selection suitable for borders, containers, or rock gardens. Sheer back after blooming to refresh foliage.

Potentilla neumanniana 'Nana'
Common Name: Dwarf Creeping Cinquefoil

Low, mat-forming plants spread slowly to create a dense, weed-suppressing groundcover. Palmate green leaves may have a spicy scent when crushed. Five-petaled, buttercup yellow blooms appear in spring. Suitable for clay. Semi-evergreen. Moderate foot traffic.Space on 8” centers.


Pratia angulata
Common Name: White Star Creeper

Deep green, rounded foliage spreads by multiple branched stems above the ground. A profusion of starry white flowers in spring and summer are followed by globular, reddish purple fruit in autumn, attracting birds. Semi-evergreen. May be invasive! Tolerates heavy foot traffic.  Space on 8" centers.

Pratia pedunculata
Common Name: Little Star Creeper

Dainty green leaves form a low carpet of green that is bejeweled with tiny blue stars from spring through summer. Wonderful around pavers, hanging over a wall or filling in around rocks and shrubs in the alpine garden. May be invasive. Moderate foot traffic. space on 8" centers.

Pratia pedunculata 'County Park'
Common Name: Star Creeper

Small green leaf creeper which spreads on top of the soil and underground to form a tight carpet. Deep violet blue flowers bloom spring through fall. Perfect for patios, walkways and between other perennial plants. May be invasive! Heavy foot traffic. Space on 8" centers.

Pulsatilla vulgaris
Common Name: Pasque Flower

Purple bell-shaped flowers with lots of yellow stamens bloom on hairy stems over deeply cut, ferny, light green foliage in early or midspring. Flowers are followed by showy, fluffy seed heads.

Pycnanthemum flexuosum
Common Name: Appalachian Mountain Mint

Aromatic, clumping plants spread slowly via rhizomes. Globular white bloom clusters in summer top fine stems of small, narrow green leaves that may be tinged with red in fall. Butterfly host and pollinator favorite. Native to southeast.

Pycnanthemum muticum
Common Name: Clustered Mountain Mint

Lustrous leaves, silvery bracts with pinkish blooms, and a compact habit distinguish this member of the mint family. Spreads by rhizomes.

Pycnanthemum tenuifolium
Common Name: Narrowleaf Mountain Mint

Erect, densely branched, clump-forming mint with very narrow leaves bear clusters of whitish lavender blooms with purple spots from midsummer to early fall.  Very strong mint aroma when crushed. Tolerates a wide range of soils.

Pycnanthemum virginianum
Common Name: Virginia Mountain Mint

Erect, many branched plants have very narrow, toothless leaves and are topped by numerous small, flat clusters of white flowers with tiny purple dots in summer. Fantastic pollinator plant. Leaves have a very strong, minty scent. May be used in teas.

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