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Our catalog, arranged by botanical names, contains descriptions and cultural information about each of the 1600+ varieties that we grow. This information is based on our experience in growing these plants (in Zone 7), as well as the experiences of our customers. Sandy personally trials many of our selections in her display gardens. When we add a new variety, we provide the best information that we can find on that plant at the time. In addition to individual entries we also provide quick reference lists of plants for particular conditions or purposes, such as clay soil, long bloomtime, groundcovers, coastal sites, deer resistance, etc. Because we grow a large number of Hosta, ferns, and daylilies we have quick reference charts to help you choose the size, color or other characteristics of these plants.  You can access these lists and charts by clicking on the Plant Solutions tab above.

We produce a yearly print catalog that is available by mail. (If you are a currently active wholesale customer, you will automatically receive one when they are published.) Although the print catalog does not contain photos, it is a valuable reference for anyone growing perennial plants in this area. The catalog is $4.00 if purchased at the nursery. We will be happy to mail a copy for $6.00 (includes postage), select Contact Us and request a catalog.

Although we do not sell online, our catalog below will allow you to create a Shopping List of the plants you are interested in purchasing.  You will be able to print this list to take with you to your local garden center or to our nursery.

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Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low'
Common Name: Catmint

Neat mounds of fragrant, gray-green foliage with spikes of soft lavender-blue flowers. Cut back to promote heavy reblooming. Attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Deer resistant.

Nierembergia repens
Common Name: Cup Flower

Cup-shape white blooms over mats of rapidly spreading green foliage that roots at nodes as well as underground runners. Originating from mountain areas of S. America where it grows with its roots in constantly moist soil. This makes a great groundcover around stepping stones, between rocks, or in alpine gardens. Moderate foot traffic. Space on 12" centers.

Nipponanthemum nipponicum
Common Name: Montauk Daisy / Nippon Daisy

White daisy blossoms with yellow centers cover the thick, glossy, dark green foliage. Cut back to approximately 4" before July 4th to promote compactness.  Deciduous. Drought tolerant and long blooming.  Attractive to butterflies.

Oenothera fruticosa
Common Name: Sundrops

Hairy, erect stems of reddish green leaves are topped by day-blooming, bright yellow, four petaled flowers in late spring, early summer. This is a very adaptable native that maintains a basal rosette of purple to bronze leaves in winter.

Oenothera fruticosa 'Fireworks'
Common Name: Sundrops

Upright, red stems of deep bronze foliage contrast with red buds that open to canary yellow blooms in June. Plants spread by rhizomes to form attractive stands of day-blooming sunshine yellow. NATIVE.

Oenothera fruticosa 'var. youngii'
Common Name: Sundrops

Clusters of showy, bright yellow poppy-like flowers top the reddish stems in midsummer. Leaves turn bright red in autumn. Day blooming. Attractive to butterflies. Deer resistant. Native.

Oenothera missouriensis (macrocarpa)
Common Name: Sundrops
Huge silky, primrose yellow blooms appear over narrow, green foliage from May to August. Lightly fragrant blooms open at dusk and close in the morning. If it is cloudy they may remain open as if trying to mimic the sun.

Oenothera pilosella 'Yella Fella'
Common Name: Meadow/Prairie Sundrops

Orange-red buds in spring produce 2" golden-yellow blooms. Open during the day, blooms attract bees and butterflies. Plants are distinguished by attractive green leaves with abundant white hairs on their undersides. Evergreen. Foliage turns red in winter.

Oenothera speciosa 'Siskiyou'
Common Name: Pink Evening Primrose

2" pink cup-shaped flowers with yellow centers cover this rapidly spreading plant much of the summer. Narrow green leaves are often spotted with maroon. Blooms may occasionally be white. Keep contained as plants may be very invasive. Attractive to butterflies. Deer resistant. Native.

Onoclea sensibilis
Common Name: Sensitive Fern

Broad green fronds can form large spreading colonies in wet soils. Attractive dark brown spore stalk in winter. Deciduous. Deer resistant. Native.

Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'
Common Name: Dwarf Mondo Grass

Compact habit and glossy, dark green leaves make this perennial a natural as a ground cover or edging. Spikes of light lavender bell-shaped flowers are followed by small blue-black berries. Rhizomatous habit. Excellent between stepping stones. Deer resistant. A slow grower it tolerates moderate foot traffic. Space on 4" centers.


Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Ebony Knight'
Common Name: Black Mondo Grass

Distinctive narrow, purple-black strap-like, evergreen leaves. Pink flowers in summer develop into black berries. Stoloniferous habit. Slow growing but exceptional. Deer resistant.

Opuntia arenaria
Common Name: Southern Pricklypear Cactus

Low growing cactus with yellow flowers in summer.  Small, pinkish pears. Quite rare! Deer resistant.

Opuntia ellisiana 'Thornless'
Common Name: Thornless Prickly Pear

A spineless cactus! Evergreen pads are spineless and form a mound that reaches 4'-5' tall. 4" yellow flowers in June. A real novelty! Pads do have tiny prickers. Deer resistant.

Opuntia humifusa
Common Name: Hardy Prickly Pear Cactus

Thick fleshy pads with prominent yellow flowers that are followed by fuchsia-red fruit. Older plants form colonies. Deer resistant.

Oreganum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'
Common Name: Ornamental Oregano
This ornamental produces loads of dark-reddish violet flowers in late summer to earlly fall. The deep green leaves take on a red to purplish color as the weather cools. Very attractive to butterflies. Rabbit resistant. Rhizomatous and semi-woody.

Oreganum rotundifolium 'Kent Beauty'
Common Name: Oregano (Ornamental)

Ornamental. Beautiful pink flowers appear on the tips of paper thin, hop-like, blush pink bracts. Interesting small oval, gray-green veined leaves. Pinch back to promote branching. Long blooming. Deer resistant. Great for containers.

Oreganum vulgare 'Aureum'
Common Name: Golden Oregano

Golden Oregano forms a low growing plant with fragrant foliage that turns lovely golden yellow to chartreuse in summer. Lavender flowers in summer attract butterflies. Deer resistant. An excellent border plant for the herb garden. Tolerates moderate foot traffic. space on 12"-18" centers.

Oreganum vulgare hirtum
Common Name: Greek Oregano

Small, quilted, medium green, slightly hairy leaves adorn somewhat woody stems of bushy, spreading plants. Frequent trimming will keep plants from becoming rangy. White flowers in midsummer detract from foliage so keep removed. Lightly sheer as needed. Deliciously scented foliage with excellent flavor. Attractive to pollinators. Deer resistant.


Orostachys eburnifolia
Common Name: Dunce's Cap

Succulent rosettes of bronze-green leaves. Mature plants elongate into stalks of closely packed starry pink blooms. After blooming, the mother plant dies to make room for the offsets, which surround her. Will self sow.

Orostachys iwarenge
Common Name: Dunce's Cap

Curious plants whose rosettes of gray succulent leaves expand into towers of white blooms. Main plant dies after flowering, making room for the surrounding offsets. Interesting!

Orostachys macrophylla
Common Name: Dunce's Cap

Very large, pale green rosettes of succulent leaves bear young "pups" on the underside.

Osmunda cinnamomea
Common Name: Cinnamon Fern

Unfurling young fronds are an attractive wooly, cinnamon brown while older fronds are bright green. Good accent fern. Upright habit. Deciduous. Deer resistant. Can be grown under black walnut trees. Native.

Osmunda claytoniana
Common Name: Interrupted Fern

This majestic native fern resembles Cinnamon fern, but prefers moist woods rather than swamps. Its fronds are "interrupted" by the sporangia that are borne in the middle of the frond, rather than on the entire frond. Deciduous.

Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis
Common Name: Royal Fern

Bold textured fern with divided bright green foliage and rust colored flower spikes. Forms massive clumps in boggy locations. Sun tolerant with ample moisture. Deciduous. Native. Deer resistant.

Oxalis crassipes 'Rosea'
Common Name: Old Fashioned Oxalis

Fuchsia pink, long blooming flowers with clover-like foliage. Blooms in May and June, and again in September and October. Also known as sweet grass as its foliage is edible and has a distinct sweet taste.

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