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Our catalog, arranged by botanical names, contains descriptions and cultural information about each of the 1600+ varieties that we grow. This information is based on our experience in growing these plants (in Zone 7), as well as the experiences of our customers. Sandy personally trials many of our selections in her display gardens. When we add a new variety, we provide the best information that we can find on that plant at the time. In addition to individual entries we also provide quick reference lists of plants for particular conditions or purposes, such as clay soil, long bloomtime, groundcovers, coastal sites, deer resistance, etc. Because we grow a large number of Hosta, ferns, and daylilies we have quick reference charts to help you choose the size, color or other characteristics of these plants.  You can access these lists and charts by clicking on the Plant Solutions tab above.

We produce a yearly print catalog that is available by mail. (If you are a currently active wholesale customer, you will automatically receive one when they are published.) Although the print catalog does not contain photos, it is a valuable reference for anyone growing perennial plants in this area. The catalog is $4.00 if purchased at the nursery. We will be happy to mail a copy for $6.00 (includes postage), select Contact Us and request a catalog.

Although we do not sell online, our catalog below will allow you to create a Shopping List of the plants you are interested in purchasing.  You will be able to print this list to take with you to your local garden center or to our nursery.

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Hosta 'Blue Hawaii'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Giant plants have an upright, vase-shaped habit. Intense powder blue, heart-shaped leaves are slightly cupped with good substance. Plants in shade maintain color throughout season. White blooms in July.

Hosta 'Blue Ivory'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large blue leaves are edged in creamy white. Edges whiten and center deepens to blue-green in summer. Purple blooms in July. Thick, slug-resistant foliage is heavily quilted. Slow to reach mature size, but worth the wait. Plant patented.

Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Miniature. Its tiny blue-green leaves are only two inches across and form small 6" mounds that are topped by lavender blooms in summer. The leaves hold their color well into summer and new ones continue to unfurl throughout the season. 2008 Hosta of the Year!

Hosta 'Blue Umbrellas'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Shiny, dark green, puckered leaves emerge bluish-green and mature to form a large mound. Near white flowers in July. Award winner.

Hosta 'Blue Wedgwood'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Blue, wedge-shaped leaves have heavy substance and are slug resistant. One of the bluest hostas. Pale lavender flowers in August.

Hosta 'Blueberry Muffin'
Common Name: Plantain Liliy

Dusty blue, heart-shaped leaves are heavily puckered, have good substance, and maintain their color until late in the season. Petioles are dusted with red specks. Lavender blooms in June. Can tolerate some morning sun.

Hosta 'Brim Cup'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

This small hosta has rich dark green, seersuckered leaves with wide, irregular, creamy white margins. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Hosta 'Brother Stefan'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large, heavily puckered, gold leaves with wide streaky dark green margins form large clumps at maturity. Heavy, slug-resistant leaves are topped by stems of near-white blossoms in early summer. Exceptional!

Hosta 'Cameo'
Common Name: Hosta

This little hosta forms compact mounds of small, rounded heart-shaped green leaves with creamy white margins. Lavender bloom in early summer.

Hosta 'Christmas Tree'
Common Name: Plantain Lily/Hosta

Creamy-white margined, corrugated blue-green foliage has heavy substance. Lavender flowers on leafy scapes in June. Makes an attractive specimen.

Hosta 'Church Mouse'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

This cute miniature has blue-green leaves with subtle variegation that form neat, ruffled clumps that are topped by lavender blooms in June.

Hosta 'City Lights'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large, bright gold, heart-shaped leaves are nicely puckered and somewhat shiny. Heavily corrugated leaves have good substance and can take a bit of sun. White blooms are on 38" scapes in midseason.

Hosta 'Coast to Coast'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large plants boast solid gold, puckered leaves that turn lighter gold in summer. Plants are upright and vase-shaped and make nice specimens. Relatively slug resistant. Lavender blooms in midsummer. A Proven Winner selection.PPAF

Hosta 'Cool As A Cucumber'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Long tapered leaves have rich green margins that flare into the clean white centers. With an upright habit and nicely arching leaves plants form a bright fountain in the shade garden. Lavender blooms in June.

Hosta 'Curly Fries'
Common Name: Miniature Hosta

Miniature plants have heavily rippled, long narrow leaves (6"x1") with good substance and slightly shiny top surfaces. Chartreuse early season color becomes gold by mid-summer and then creamy yellow. Lavender blooms appear on purple scapes in July.

Hosta 'Dancing Queen'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large plants have yellow leaves that maintain their yellow color all season. Strong veining and wavy margins add interest to the large leaves. Lavender blooms in late summer.

Hosta 'Designer Genes'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

A stunning plant with brilliant yellow leaves on red petioles. Plants maintain good yellow color long into the season. Purple blooms on tall red scapes flower in late summer. One of the very best!

Hosta 'Diana Remembered'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Leaves emerge blue-green with a yellow margin that turns cream. The heart-shaped leaves are shiny with pronounced veins and slight corrugation. Very fragrant white flowers bloom in July/Aug. Vigorous plants can take a some morning sun.

Hosta 'Dream Queen'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

This sport of 'Great Expectations' has large, nearly round, bluish-green leaves that are heavily corrugated and have narrow creamy white to yellow centers. White blooms in midsummer. Reputed to have better sun tolerance than Great Expectations, but probably still needs considerable shade in the south.

Hosta 'Earth Angel'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Huge, blue-green, heart-shaped leaves have wide margins of creamy green to white. Pale lavender to near-white flowers in summer. A sport of 'Blue Angel', this one has leaves up to 12" across. 2009 Hosta of the Year!

Hosta 'Empress Wu'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Huge! A stunning specimen with its huge dark green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves that have good substance so they don't droop. Pale lavender blooms are held just above the foliage in midsummer. A Proven Winner variety. Plant patented.

Hosta 'Fire and Ice'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Heart-shaped leaves have white centers and broad dark green margins. Sport of 'Patriot'. Forms a medium sized mound. Exceptional. Lavender flowers in August.

Hosta 'Fire Island'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Leaves emerge a brilliant yellow in spring with bright red petioles whose color extends into the leaves. Color turns more chartreuse as the season progresses. Broadly ovate, slightly corrugated leaves have rippled margins. Slug resistant.

Hosta 'First Frost'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Heart-shaped, blue-green leaves have creamy edges that lighten as the season progresses. A sport of Halcyon with same heavy substance. Lavender flowers in July.

Hosta 'Fragrant Blue'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Medium sized plants have chalky powder blue foliage. Elongated leaves are slightly cupped with good substance and retain their color well into summer. Lovely pale lavender, slightly fragrant blooms in August.

Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'
Common Name: Plantain Lily
Heart-shaped, glossy, apple-green leaves have irregular creamy-yellow margins. Vigorous grower. Hosta of the Year 1998. Spikes of fragrant near-white flowers in late summer. Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Hosta 'Francee'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Thick, dark green foliage with narrow, white margins that last all season. A premier landscaping hosta. Lavender flowers in August.

Hosta 'Frances Williams'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large, puckered blue-green leaves with broad golden margins. Leaves can reach 13" long and 9" wide. Leaf edges tend to burn easily. Near white flowers in June and July.

Hosta 'Fried Bananas'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Bright chartreuse, glossy leaves characterize this fast growing sport of 'Guacamole'. Lavender flowers in August.

Hosta 'Ginko Craig'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Small elongated dark green leaves are edged in white. THE hosta for edging. Rapid grower. Purple blooms in August.

Hosta 'Gold Standard'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Leaf centers change as the season progresses from green to chartreuse to gold to white gold with a dark green margin. A rapid grower and excellent hosta. Bright light needed for best color. Pale lavender flowers in July and August.

Hosta 'Golden Tiara'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Small, heart-shaped green leaves with a gold-chartreuse border. Rapid grower that forms compact mounds. Excellent landscaping hosta. Lavender flowers. Award winner.

Hosta 'Grand Tiara'
Common Name: Hosta/Plantain Lily

A sport of 'Golden Tiara', it has larger leaves that are green with a wider gold margin. The broadly ovate leaves have good substance.

Hosta 'Great Expectations'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

A sport of H. sieboldiana 'Elegans'. Center color changes from yellow in the spring to creamy-white with blue-green margins. Leaves are cupped and have thick substance. Slug resistant. Slow grower. Near white flowers in July.

Hosta 'Guacamole'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Slightly corrugated foliage has green margins that surround a beautiful chartreuse and later, bright gold, center. Leaves can reach 11" long and 9" wide. Reverse variegation of 'Fragrant Bouquet'. Hosta of the Year 2002. Fragrant near white flowers.

Hosta 'Guardian Angel'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

A large hosta with thick, blue-green leaves sportiing white centers. Centers become misted with green by late spring. Leaves are heart-shaped and lightly puckered.

Hosta 'Halcyon'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Thick, blue, spear-shaped, heavily ribbed leaves hold their color well. Great in the landscape. Bluish-lavender flowers in July and August. Award winner.

Hosta 'Hans'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Thick, slightly twisted and corrugated, deep blue-green leaves have creamy white centers with jets of green between the blue and white. Centers are streaked with green in midsummer. Lavender blooms in June. Slow grower. Appreciates a bit of morning sun.

Hosta 'Hoosier Harmony'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

A sport of Royal Standard, it has shiny, chartreuse green leaves with darker green edges. A vigorous grower with a mounding habit, it can take a bit of morning sun. Fragrant white blooms in August.

Hosta 'Hudson Bay'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Large leaves of creamy white have wide blue-green margins with apple green jetting between them. Good substance makes them slug resistant. A good substitute for finicky 'Great Expectations'. White blooms. A Proven Winners selection. Plant patented.

Hosta 'Humpback Whale'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

This fantastic hosta makes huge, blue-green mounds of heart-shaped leaves that have an unusual hump in the mid-leaf that points the tip of the leaf downward. Corrugated leaves are bluest in early spring, turning green by early summer. White blooms.

Hosta 'Independence'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Dark green leaves with broad irregular white margins that are speckled with green flecks. Sport of 'Revolution'. Pale lavender flowers in July. Plant Patented.

Hosta 'Island Breeze'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Elegant, narrow heart-shaped leaves are bright chartreuse yellow with wide, dark green margins. Leaves have good substance. Dark lavender blooms on red petioles in July. Plants have a strong growth rate. Plant patent applied for.

Hosta 'June'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

A sport of 'Halcyon' it has gold leaves bordered by a blue and green shaded margin. The leaf center bleaches to creamy-white in bright light. Excellent substance. Slug resistant. Pale lavender flowers in August. Hosta of the Year 2001.

Hosta 'Komodo Dragon'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Huge, dark green leaves with strong veins and rippled edges are borne in upright clumps. Mature plants can reach up to 7' across. Lavender blooms stand well above the foliage in July. Allow plenty of room for this giant!


Hosta 'Krossa Regal'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Powdery blue foliage forms a large vase-shaped clump. Holds color well. Bold upright specimen. Slug resistant. Lavender flowers in August. Award winner.

Hosta 'Little Devil'
Common Name: Minature Hosta

Miniature. Narrow, elongated, white rimmed green leaves form little mounds to 4" high. 8" flower scapes in early summer. Great for containers and fairy gardens. Plants maintain their good looks over a long season.

Hosta 'Love Pat'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Intensely deep blue-green leaves are strongly cupped and strongly corrugated. Slug resistant. White flowers in June and July. Award winner.

Hosta 'Loyalist'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

Clear white foliage is outlined by a dark green edge. Sport of 'Patriot'. Holds color well in the heat of summer. Lavender flowers.

Hosta 'Maui Buttercups'
Common Name: Plantain Lily

A little hosta with bright gold leaves that are deeply cupped and corrugated. Good substance gives them slug-resistance. Pale lavender blooms in July. One of the best yellow hostas.

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