Ornamental grasses are essential components of many landscapes. We offer a wide variety of both native and non-native grasses, as well as grass-like plants such as rushes, sedges, and liriope. Grasses are generally very low maintenance plants, usually only requiring that they be cut back once a year to remove old foliage, usually in late winter or very early spring.

Grasses should be planted while they are actively growing. Evergreen types may be planted any time, but plants that go winter dormant should be planted before they turn brown in the fall.

(If you are a wholesale customer, please note that we cannot ship Imperata 'Red Baron' outside of Virginia.)

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Acorus calamus 'Variegatus'
Common Name: Sweet Flag

1/2"-3/4" wide, bright green leaves with creamy variegation make a strong statement in the border or water garden. Deciduous. These moisture loving plants form mats of stiff, tall bladed leaves. Can tolerate clay soil. Deer resistant.

Acorus gramineus minimus 'Aureus'
Common Name: Sweet Flag

Dwarf fans of bright golden leaves make a colorful evergreen groundcover or highlight for a rock garden. Moisture loving plants, they form mats of stiff, narrow bladed leaves. Can tolerate clay soil. Deer resistant. Moderate foot traffic. Space on 8" centers.

Acorus gramineus variegatus 'Wogon'
Common Name: Sweet Flag
Bright, golden fans of grassy leaves are narrowly edged in green. Evergreen. These moisture loving plants form mats of flowing, narrow bladed leaves. Can tolerate clay soil. Deer resistant.

Arundo donax 'Peppermint Stick'
Common Name: Giant Reed Grass

Tall, sturdy canes that resemble corn plants are adorned with wide green and white striped leaves. Unlike the species, this cultivar maintains its variegation throughout the summer. In fall it is topped with 18" tall bronze-burgundy plumes.

Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'
Common Name: Feather Reed Grass

Upright, clumping, grassy green foliage displays "see through" reddish-bronze plumes in summer which fade to tan by fall. Good winter interest. 2001 Perennial Plant of the Year.

Calamagrostis brachytricha
Common Name: Feather Reed Grass

This warm season clump-former has stiff, bright green leaves 1/4"-5/8" wide. In late summer they produce pink tinted blooms on stems up to 4' tall standing well above the foliage. Plumes mature to light tan. Great for light shade to shade!

Carex appalachica
Common Name: Appalachian Sedge

Fine-textured grassy leaves with a fountaining habit characterize this native of dry woods in Eastern U.S. A medium to fast grower. Makes a great groundcover for slopes.

Carex buchananii 'Firefox'
Common Name: Sedge

A selected strain with fine evergreen foliage that is deep fox brown to red and characterized by a strongly upright habit. Tips may have a decorative curl. Good winter hardiness even to zone 5. Fantastic planted with silver or burgundy leaved plants.

Carex buchananii (Red Fox)
Common Name: Sedge

Vase-shaped clumper with interesting fine textured brown foliage that is rusty orange at the bottom and somewhat curled on its tips. Deer resistant. May self-sow.

Carex comans 'Frosted Curls'
Common Name: Sedge

Fine textured weeping foliage forms swirls. Very narrow leaves seem almost iridescent with a silvery green color. Evergreen. Benefits from a haircut to about 1/3 height in early spring. Deer resistant.

Carex dolichostachya var. glabberima 'Gold Fountains'
Common Name: Sedge

Fine textured leaves are bordered in gold. Beautiful swirl-forming Carex. Evergreen. Benefits from a light haircut in spring. Makes a good, deer-resistant groundcover.

Carex elata 'Bowles Golden'
Common Name: Sedge

Clear, bright golden-yellow foliage with a narrow green margin is stunning planted with golden variegated hostas and ferns in partial shade. Deciduous. Effective when used as groundcovers or edges.

Carex flaccosperma
Common Name: Sedge

Strong clump forming sedge with glaucous blue foliage that is 1/2" wide. Spreads slowly and is drought tolerant. Excellent evergreen groundcover! Native. Deer resistant.

Carex flagellifera 'Kiwi'
Common Name: Sedge

This New Zealand native forms widely arching clumps of olive-green, grassy foliage providing great color and texture in the garden. Evergreen. Excellent in containers.

Carex glauca (flacca) 'Blue Zinger'
Common Name: Blue Sedge

This pretty sedge has attractive, narrow, blue-green grass-like foliage that grows in clumps 10"-16" tall. It is more upright and its color is lighter blue than the species. Usually evergreen, it spreads slowly by rhizomes. Excellent for rain gardens.

Carex laxiculmis 'Hobb Bunny Blue™'
Common Name: Bunny Blue Sedge

This low-growing native sedge has lovely silvery blue, evergreen foliage and forms large, dense moderately spreading clumps. Works well in the border, shade garden or in containers.  Plant patent applied for.

Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'
Common Name: Sedge

Bright white and dark green grassy leaves make a showy groundcover. Semi-evergreen plants have a vigorous habit and spread by underground rhizomes. Deer resistant. A favorite! May be cut back in early spring.

Carex morrowii 'Silver Sceptre'
Common Name: Sedge

Narrow 1/2" green leaves have white margins that give it a fine textured appearance. Forms thick, silvery clumps. Great semi-evergreen groundcover and also effective as an edger. Deer resistant.

Carex oshimensis 'Everest'
Common Name: Sedge

Deep blue-green,  leaves edged in bright white form pretty fountain like mounds. Lovely in containers! Prefers partial to light shade and average moisture. Clumping. Evergreen.

Carex oshimensis 'Everglow'
Common Name: Japanese Sedge

Evergreen, grass-like shiny foliage has a hint of orange to its creamy edges in summer. In fall, winter & spring the entire plant has a pretty sunset orange color. Clumping plants are low-maintenance. Excellent for borders, containers or groundcover.

Carex oshimensis 'Evergold'
Common Name: Sedge

Handsome creamy-yellow and green variegated grass-like foliage. Mound forming with a swirling habit. Evergreen. Deer resistant. May be trimmed back by 2/3's in early spring.

Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'
Common Name: Sedge

Grassy, lime-green leaves form mounding fountains that light up the border. Leaves gradually deepen to golden yellow. Best color is maintained with some morning sun. Performs well in dry shade! Evergreen. Plant patented.

Carex oshimensis 'Eversheen'
Common Name: Sedge

Shiny deep green leaves have bright limy yellow centers. Plants form fine-textured, weeping mounds that maintain their good looks year round. Nice in containers. Evergreen. Plant patented.

Carex oshimensis 'Feather Falls'
Common Name: Sedge

Striking green and white, grassy foliage on large plants that have a lovely waterfall form. It has more sun tolerance than other variegated Carex, plus good heat tolerance. Evergreen. Fantastic for containers as well as in the landscape.

Carex pensylvanica
Common Name: Oak Sedge

This native makes a wonderful groundcover for dry, part sun to shady areas. Fine textured, slowly spreading plants have a tough constitution and provide both food and shelter for small birds. Try this one under trees where grass won't grow.

Carex plantaginea
Common Name: Seersucker Sedge

Broad (1+"), shiny, evergreen leaves are puckered like seersucker. Very attractive for moist shady areas where it thrives and spreads to make a lovely groundcover.

Carex stricta
Common Name: Tussock Sedge

A wetland native this bright green plant forms a grassy mound that is straw-colored at the base. Plants spread via rhizomes to form a deer-resistant groundcover for meadows, bogs, wetlands and stream edges. Great for erosion control.

Carex tenuiculmis 'Cappuccino'
Common Name: New Zealand Hair Sedge

Fine grassy foliage emerges olive green to red-brown and changes to coppery-brown with orange tips. Red/orange shades predominate in fall. Great in containers or for massing.

Carex testacea 'Indian Summer'
Common Name: Copper Sedge

Fine textured clumps of low cascading foliage start out olive green. The leaves take on copper and orange tones as the season progresses. Best color is in sun. Evergreen and nice for containers.

Carex testacea 'Prairie Fire'
Common Name: New Zealand Sedge

Shiny, olive bronze spring and summer foliage becomes fiery orange in winter. Elegant arching form spills over the edge of containers and walls. A bit more red than the species, color is best in full sun. Great as specimen or for massing.

Chasmanthium latifolium
Common Name: Northern Sea Oats

Soft green foliage with graceful clusters of tan seeds that dangle from delicate stems in summer. Remove seed heads to prevent heavy self-sowing. Yellow fall color. Deer resistant. Long blooming. Native.

Cortaderia selloana 'Pumila'
Common Name: Pampas Grass (Dwarf)

Dwarf form with large fluffy white plumes in late summer. Graceful grass with year round interest. Evergreen and hardier than the species. Deer resistant.

Deschampsia flexuosa
Common Name: Crinkled Hair Grass

This is a cool season grass that tolerates light shade. Its very thin, arching, wiry dark green blades form dense tussocks. The flower stems that arise in summer bear airy panicles of purple to bronze flowers that turn gold as the seed ripens.

Elymus arenarius 'Blue Dune'
Common Name: Blue Lyme Grass

Beautiful, bright steel blue blades have an arching habit. A very heat tolerant and vigorous grass from Gr. Britain.  A rapid spreader, it may be invasive in garden conditions.

Elymus hystrix
Common Name: Bottle-brush Grass

This native grass forms loose tufts of upright, narrow-bladed, medium green leaves. 4 1/2' stems of attractive pale green, bottle-brush-like blooms flower in summer. These will mature to tan seeds and persist well into autumn.

Eragrostis spectabilis
Common Name: Purple Love Grass

Fluffy clouds of magenta to purple tinted flowers over coarse green foliage. Nice for the late summer and fall naturalized garden! Deer resistant. Cut back in February.

Festuca ovina var. glauca 'Beyond Blue'
Common Name: Blue Sheep Fescue

Fine, powder blue foliage creates an evergreen mound. Maintains its color throughout the season without browning. Plant patented.

Festuca ovina var. glauca 'Cool As Ice'
Common Name: Blue Sheep Fescue

Fine textured, cool blue leaves form vigorous mounds topped by stems of fine feathery blooms in early summer. Good heat tolerance. Makes a nice specimen plant or attractive in masses. Evergreen.

Festuca ovina var. glauca 'Elijah Blue'
Common Name: Blue Sheep Fescue
Bright blue foliage. Green blooms in late summer have a purple tinge. Afternoon shade during the summer is appreciated. Requires well-drained soil. Deer resistant. Divde every 2-3 years for best performance.

Juncus effusus
Common Name: Common Rush

Upright to arching, round green stems characterize this wetland native. Plants form clumps that spread by creeping rhizome and seeds. Usually evergreen in Zone 7. Use for water's edge or rain gardens.

Juncus inflexus 'Blue Arrow'
Common Name: Bog Rush

This attractive rush is excellent for wet or boggy areas, forming clumps of stiff, slender, upright, blue green blades. Good for containers. Evergreen. Cut back in late winter.

Liriope muscari 'Monroe's White'
Common Name: Monkey Grass / Lilyturf

Milky white flower spikes over dark green, evergreen leaves. Must have partial shade. Clump forming. Can tolerate drought, very moist soil conditions, and clay soil. Attractive to butterflies.

Liriope muscari 'Pee Dee Ingot'
Common Name: Monkey Grass / Lilyturf

Narrow, bright yellow leaves form a showy clump with lavender blooms on 12" stalks. Color intensity depends on the amount of light it receives. Best in bright shade or edges of shade beds. Great for providing contrast in the border.  Attractive to butterflies.

Liriope muscari 'Purple Explosion'
Common Name: Monkey Grass / Lilyturf

Dark green, strap-like, evergreen foliage compliments large purple bloom clusters held well above the foliage. This is a tight clumping variety with exceptional flower production in late summer/fall. Long leaves have a weeping habit. Plant patented.

Liriope muscari 'Super Blue'
Common Name:

Bright violet blue bloom spikes are tall and showier than most, standing above the foliage. A clumping variety, it has narrow dark green, strap-like leaves that form an arching mound. Great for massing, edging, accents or containers.

Liriope muscari 'Variegata'
Common Name: Monkey Grass / Lilyturf

Grass-like foliage with green and cream markings & lavender flowers on reddish stems. Best appearance is achieved in light shade during the summer, although it can tolerate full sun. Can tolerate drought, very moist soil conditions & clay soil. Attractive to butterflies.

Liriope spicata
Common Name: Creeping Lilyturf

Rapidly spreading stoloniferous habit makes it excellent for erosion control. Narrow leaf blades with lavender flower spikes. Can tolerate drought, very moist soil conditions, and clay soil. Attractive to butterflies.

Liriope spicata 'Silver Dragon'
Common Name: Creeping Lilyturf

Variegated foliage that appears white in a shaded landscape. Violet flowers. Excellent to lighten a shady area. Stoloniferous but not as vigorous as L. spicata. Can tolerate drought, very moist soil conditions, and clay soil. Attractive to butterflies.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio'
Common Name: Maiden Grass

Thin silvery-gray foliage with pink flowers that turn white. New foliage is tinted red. Orange-red fall color. Excellent dwarf variety.  Long blooming and deer resistant. Bold, clump former that is well suited to mass plantings or the low maintenance garden. One of our favorite miscanthus.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus'
Common Name: Maiden Grass

Very fine textured foliage with attractive bronze red flowers that turn to silver. Graceful, upright, arching habit. Long blooming and deer resistant.

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