Plant Solutions

The catalog lists below show plants that work well in specific situations.

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Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Black Walnut Tree Tolerant

List is at the bottom of the page.

Clay Soils

These plants can tolerate heavy clay soil, but most still require some drainage. See bottom of the page.

Coastal Plants

Plants which are resistant to wind damage and tolerant of some salt spray.

Container Plants

Evergreen plants for containers. List is at the bottom of the page.

Cut Flowers

Deer and/or Rabbit Resistant

These plants are seldom or never browsed by deer and or rabbits.

Dry Shade & Dry Sun


List is at the bottom of the page.


Some of our favorite varieties here at Sandy's Plants!

Fragrant Flowers and Foliage

Groundcovers - Shade and Sun

Long-Blooming Shade & Sun

Moisture-Loving Plants

Plants that prefer very wet conditions. List is at the bottom of the page.

Native Plants - East Coast

Plants native to some portion of the East Coast. See for specific plant ranges/

Plants for Rain Gardens

These plants will tolerate occasional to prolonged flooding.

Shade Loving Plants